bed&breakfast a sorrento, camere il Palmento Relais


Green Room

The room is divided in two spaces: it is constitued by a huge room with a double bed and a single bed, but there is also the possibility of adding other two extra-beds.
The bedroom, decored with different shades of green, allows a confortable and relaxing holiday, perfect for families and groups of friends.


Blue Room

The large attic characterized by typical round windows and decorated in shades of blue opens on to a private terrace suspended between heaven and earth, offering everything you need to rest in a relaxed and delightful ambient.
The Superior Room is larger than the others, it has the possibility of adding a third extra-bed.


Fuchsia Room

Harmonious colors of fuchsia and pink combined with the presence of the characteristic round window and the sloping roof makes the atmosphere romantic.


Yellow Room

Decored with many shades of yellow and orange, this room makes the atmosphere relaxing and cozy.


Lilac Room

Decored with great taste, with different shades of lilac, this room offers you a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.


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Tour and excursions
Tour and excursions

With our help is possible to organize excursions that will allow you to enjoy all the beauty across the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast in total relax.

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Rosa cantone

Io e mio marito abbiamo trascorso un fine settimana rilassante al massimo e ha contribuito a tutto ciò il soggiorno al palmento relais regalatoci dai nostri figli!! La gentilezza dell'accoglienza, la disponibilita di Emilia e la pulizia della struttura hanno lasciato in noi un bel ricordo!lLo ...



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